Welcome to El Chaltén Aparts

El Chaltén Aparts is located 6 blocks away from Bus Central and 2 block away from the trekk access , in a secluded place, nice for a good relax and to enjoy the unique nature that El Chaltén gives to you, Argentina´s National Capital of Trekking.

El Chaltén is 223 km North from El Calafate, with a totally paved access rout , the duration of the trip is about two and a half hours by car or bus.

We have five aparts (flats) fully featured, designed to suit ours visitors needs, we offers you all the services you can ask in El Chaltén and we even throw in a delicious breakfast to start the day in shape.

We are professional mountaom guides an licensed flyfishing guides, we can assist you in this and other touristic activities both self made or with guides.
El Chaltén have trekkings and activities for all ages and levels.

We have also a bike service available , that are very usefull since we are a small town with very little vehicle traffic.

El Chaltén is THE place for trekking, including bike trips, rafting, horseback riding, flyfishing, navigations or simply a place to rest and enjoy nature and the famous patagonian gastronomy.

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